CSR - Community Speak - JPL

Multi-diverse development in line with UN Millennium Development Goals‘
… the first social audit we have conducted in a company. The results of the audit are satisfactory and promising. CSR at JPL focuses on multi-diverse development in line with Millennium Development Goals. The need-based interventions and scientific utilisation of resources ensure community and institutional support. The significant participation of women in SHGs, the implementation of wadi (orchard) programme and  the efforts in education and healthcare for the uplift of  tribal community needs special mention.’

Mr. Rajesh Lakra
, Social Audit Officer, State Institute of Rural Development, Madhya Pradesh

Wadi, a major effort in land use planning and development
‘The wadi (orchard) development programme is a major effort by JPL in land use development and water resources management to improve lives of the tribal community. Horticulture department looks forward to expanding the programme to cultivation of seasonal crops and vegetables as inter crops in wadis.’

Mr. Gyaneswar Singh
, District In-charge, Department of Horticuture

Industrial training will meet the aspirations of unemployed youth, employer
‘The special industrial training programme at ITI Ghansore, under Public-Private Partnership, is aimed at meeting the aspirations of the students, as well as JPL as the prospective employer. Besides industrial training, special sessions on personality development and training on English-speaking are also conducted which will enhance the employability of rural youth.’

Mr. R.K. Dwivedi
, Jt. Director, Skill Development, Govt. Madhya Pradesh

Wadi development and women empowerment to go a long way
JPL’s initiative in livelihood improvement, especially wadi (orchard) development which turns unused and degraded land into orchards, is admirable. It has changed the outlook of farmers as well as government institutions towards land development. The development of SHGs as a tool for women empowerment and participation of women in all community initiatives is another commendable aspect.’

Mr. Shailendra Sharma
, CEO Janpad (BDO), Ghansore

Livestock development to provide alternative, stable income
‘…artificial insemination and breed improvement in cattle will definitely provide an alternative and stable income to the farmers in the coming years. Presently the programme runs in 20 villages. With effective partnerships, it could be extended to many villages to benefit more farmers.’

Dr. S.R. Jhariya
, Veterinary Officer, Ghansore

JPL helps in providing supportive learning environment
‘…JPL’s efforts towards improving education facilities and infrastructure in the school, providing a Mathematics teacher for classes from IX to XII, rewarding the best students in terms of timeliness and cleanliness, organising student fairs etc. have had a major impact in providing a supportive learning environment to the students. The efforts are yielding results.’

Mr. Soni, Principal
, Higher Secondary School, Gorakhpur, Ghansore

Community interventions are meaningful, need-based
‘JPL’s support in community development and capacity building programmes has been tremendous. The community interventions are meaningful, need- based and aimed at real improvement in quality of life. The wadi (orchard) programme, which effectively turns unproductive land into productive land, is a major step towards sustainability.’

Dr. D.N. Shinde
, Vice President, BAIF

A constructive partner in solving community development issues
‘JPL CSR team has been a constructive partner in solving development issues in the community. The interventions in livelihood improvement, wadi (orchard) development, animal husbandry, education and healthcare, have been very effective. We look forward to continued support and guidance in our efforts to improve community development.’

Ram Dayal Bhalavi
, Village Sarpanch, Gorakhpur

A model to be emulated in CSR action
‘The level of coordination with the project partners, community and related government and non-government agencies, as well as the project monitoring at JPL, is a model to be emulated in community development initiatives by the corporate sector.’

Mr. Pawan Patidar
, Project Officer, BAIF

Real development-oriented capacity building initiatives
‘It’s been a completely different experience working with JPL’s CSR team. The capacity building programmes in education and healthcare sector are real development oriented. The monthly review meetings coupled with regular on- site monitoring keeps the projects effectively on track.’

Ms. Shalu Sharma
, Project In-charge, SOPAN

Positive and encouraging support
‘The guidance and support we get from JPL CSR team is very positive and encouraging.’

Ms. Rajani Daheriya
, Project In-charge, Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi