Environment Management

In our organisation, we believe in synergising business interests with environmental accountability. There is no trade-off between our commercial goals and our commitment to securing a cleaner, greener environment. We firmly believe that an organisation can achieve sustainable growth in a competitive environment when it addresses economic, social and environmental concerns with a focussed approach. We are committed towards conservation of the environment and natural resources and towards improving efficiencies and reducing wastage.

To make ourselves environment friendly at all levels, we adhere to necessary legal and environmental compliances and adopt various technologies as a part of the process. The ideology of Environment Conservation has been disseminated among the entire team. The various facets of environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution and solid waste disposal are some of the high priority concerns of the company and it takes active preventive measures to safeguard the surroundings from its’ adverse effects. As a constructive partner in community development, we take a 360-degree multi-disciplinary approach to enrich the quality of life of the community while preserving ecological balance.

Our Philosophy
“….business success is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve higher socio-economic growth”

Environmental Clearance & Compliance