Business Structure
Recent Activities
  • Achieved Milestones

    72 Hour Commercial Trial run concluded on 2nd May’16.

    MP PPA activated from 3rd May’16

    KSEB-115 MW LTA granted & PPA operational from Dec'16.
    KSEB - 100 MW LTA granted & PPA operational from Oct'17.
    PTC - 100 MW PPA operational from Mar'19.

    Corresponding operationalization of FSA with SECL & MCL for drawing of Linkage Coal.

    Operationalization of private siding of JPL from Aug'20.
    This has significantly reduced coal transportation costs & made operations more efficient. Overhead electrification (OHE) has been installed & commissioned in Nov'20.

  • Recent Activities

    The cumulative FSA quantity (SECL & MCL) has been enhanced to 2.73 MMTPA from the earlier quantity of 2.45 MMTPA.

    The private siding of JPL has been inaugurated by DRM SECR Nagpur division, Sh. Maninder Uppal, IRSSE on 27th Nov'20.

  • Future Milestones

    Tie up for balance untied capacity (63 MW) to be achieved.