Avantha Group

The Avantha Group is one of India's leading business conglomerates.

The Group has business interests in diverse areas, including pulp and paper, power transmission and distribution equipment and services, food processing, farm forestry, chemicals, energy, infrastructure, information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services.

With a global footprint, the Group operates in 90 countries with more than 25,000 employees.

Group companies include Crompton Greaves Limited, India's largest power equipment company, Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), India's largest paper manufacturer, both listed on the Indian stock exchanges and Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited (APIL) amongst others.

As part of its global expansion programme, the Group has acquired a host of companies from around the world. With these acquisitions, products from the Group are not just at the apex in India but ranked amongst the best in the world in their respective categories.

Across Avantha, good citizenship is a defined objective, with focused emphasis on education, community development and healthcare.

Led by Chairman Mr. Gautam Thapar, the Avantha Group demonstrates strong leadership globally and emerges as a focused corporate, leveraging its knowledge, leadership and operations to add lasting value for its stakeholders and investors.


Name & Logo


The word is coined out of a combination of two words. The French word for 'advance', which is avancer, and 'tha' which is the Sanskrit word for being grounded with Sthapana and to be there

The name "Avantha" is born from an amalgamation of two diverse cultures - a coming together of the East and the West.

In Sanskrit the word avni means "the earth" and tha comes from sthapna, which means "to establish". Together they represent stability and a strong foundation.

The name "Avantha", therefore, represents the strong foundation that the Group provides to the individual companies for advancement, growth and diversification.

A coming together of the East and the West in perfect harmony to create a truly global brand.



The logo is inspired by the ratchet wheel, a device that ensures motion in the forward direction. The three cogs symbolise the values - Imagination, Integrity and Individual - that make Avantha the successful powerhouse of progress that it is.


Red embodies dynamism and passion. Energy from the colour red lends to the powerful forward movement of the symbol. The font face in classic deep blue signifies stability and inner strength.